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In search of a new star

In search of a new star

In the seventh art world, she’s a little Hibernatos all the time. Time seems to have no effect on labels. The stars on screen this summer are the same as in previous decades. At 80, Harrison Ford is still cracking Indiana Jones’ whip, as in 1981. The Fast and the Furious than in 2001. As for Tom Cruise, since his prime of 61 years, he has tirelessly defied the laws of gravity in Mission Impossiblejust like it did in 1996. And he has no intention of stopping anytime soon:”Harrison Ford is a legend. I hope to complete the tour. I have 20 years to catch up. I hope to continue doing Mission: Impossible until I reach his age.”

Even worse: When it comes to the biggest stars of the moment, the names of Brad Pitt (59), Leonardo DiCaprio (48), Julia Roberts (55), George Clooney (62), even the most heartbroken moviegoer, Al Pacino (83 years old), Robert De Niro (79 years old) or Jane Fonda (85 years old).

In this context, Cillian Murphy revealed the movie Pleaky Blinders before she played the main role in Oppenheimer On July 19 alongside veterans Robert Downey Jr. (58) and Matt Damon (52), he’ll look like a young 47-year-old. A rather alarming note: Margot Robbie, Zendaya, Tom Holland or Timothée Chalamet are the last trees that hide the poverty of the next generation: the stars, today, are the privileged, especially the superheroes, and even the brands. The emergence of new stars will become more and more difficult.