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Science Comes to Working Class Quarters • La Rochelle Information

Science Comes to Working Class Quarters • La Rochelle Information

All summer long the Petits Débrouillards association offers science activities for children, teenagers and residents of Charente-Maritime. It is open, free and outdoors.

This animation is called “Science is at the bottom of your house” It will be rejected by twelve week-long meetings.

These events will be presented in the heart of popular neighborhoods, to make scientific and technical discoveries accessible to all.

A week of fun and understanding

“Scientific knowledge arises from experiment”, Remember the association that invites children, teens, and residents to their temporary spaces in the heart of neighborhoods, with the help of neighborhood centers and educators. For 15 minutes, an hour in the afternoon.

For a week, the participants “They are called to do, while having fun and understanding. Because you don’t have to be sad to be serious.”

Sports are also in the spotlight

“Before the next Olympic Games in 2024, we will combine science and sport in this edition,” Explains the link. “A disciplinary crossing leads to approaching both from a new angle. A new look at mathematics, as at physics, through practice.”

This week will also be an opportunity to discover the history of sports practices.

“Our trunks are full of practical ideas. From one end to the other in New Aquitaine, the project is being rolled out in many towns and regions. »

to know

Science en Bas de Chez Toi is free for residents. Funding is provided by the New Aquitaine Region, municipalities, urban communities and the state.

Photo Caption: The first meeting from 10 to 14 July, in La Rochelle, in the Villeneuve-les-Salines region. Photo by DR – Julie Thomas.

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