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Samsung shows the first connected ring and provides new information

Samsung shows the first connected ring and provides new information

For the first time since the teaser, Samsung is showcasing its Galaxy Ring phone at Mobile World Congress. The manufacturer takes the opportunity to provide some information about its ring.

Samsung Galaxy Ring // Source: Samsung

More than a month after it officially confirmed work on its first connected ring, the Galaxy Ring, the Korean manufacturer Samsung is taking advantage of the Mobile World Congress, which opens its doors on Monday in Barcelona, ​​to provide some additional information on this topic.

It must be said that so far, the only items reported by Samsung are those that the manufacturer was willing to reveal during the launch of the Galaxy S24. The company has been vague, to say the least, in its statements and the only images shown of the connected ring were 3D animations. However, for Mobile World Congress, Samsung actually intends to debut its ring at its booth. The opportunity for all visitors to discover it directly.

Galaxy Ring launching 'later this year'

in Long press releaseSamsung specifically discusses the functionality, features, and expected date of the Galaxy Ring. Hon Pak, head of the manufacturer's health-related division, once again indicates that the watch will mainly focus on monitoring activity, sleep and health data:

We're excited to launch the Samsung Galaxy Ring later this year, bringing many of Samsung's innovations into a small, convenient, wearable form factor. As an addition to our range of wearables, Galaxy Ring will provide users with new ways to simplify their daily lives, providing important information and more ways to learn about themselves, day or night. With the Galaxy Ring, users can enjoy a new experience at every step of their wellness journey, aligning with Samsung's vision of a more connected, integrated and seamless digital wellness platform.

The key point to remember is the availability date of the connected ring, which will actually be launched “Later this year”. The main rumor also points to a more detailed announcement during the Galaxy Unpacked conference this summer, at the same time as the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, along with the Galaxy Watch 7.

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Three colors and nine sizes in the program

In a second press release. This time it was published on its Korean websiteSamsung details more information about the Galaxy Ring. The manufacturer first shares some images, but goes a little further by specifying that the connected ring will be offered in three colors – black, gold and silver – and in nine sizes. Enough to allow users to find the shoe that fits them…or the ring on their finger.

On location in Barcelona, ​​Frandroid's editorial staff will be sure to showcase the Samsung Connected Ring in a practical way.