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Samsung One UI 5 provides more photo options to make us happy

Samsung One UI 5 provides more photo options to make us happy

One UI 5, a new version of Samsung’s software overlay for Android 13, which is currently rolling out, brings some interesting new features to the Good Lock app. Among them, more advanced settings for the image.

Galaxy Z Flip 4, for clarification // Source: Frandroid

Beyond the new animation and increase liquidity which One UI 5 brings, among other things, to eligible smartphones and tablets, Samsung Communicate about the latest developments in store good lock – The app for advanced users of Samsung which includes many additional features.

with One UI 5, which was just published on the S22the application will be equipped with two additional functions, which were mentioned a few days ago On the Korean band’s blog.

The first is about photography. On his blog, Samsung spoke, without over-talking, about “ Function to control detailed camera settings Detailed and as specified Android salad In an article dedicated to this novelty, Samsung wants to please us. So the company introduces a brand new photo module for Good Lock. its name ? Camera Wizard.

One UI 5 imminent launch

With this assistant, which must be pre-installed (at the moment only on S22s with One UI 5), it is now possible to make changes to the automatic mode of your Samsung smartphone’s camera. Once installed, the unit actually unlocks the more advanced settings in the camera app’s settings.

Among the new features introduced is the ability to automatically switch to HDR and activate softening by default (to facilitate viewing of images when necessary). It is also possible to implement automatic switching from one camera unit to another depending on the level of magnification or intensity of light. The idea? Make sure to use the best sensor whatever the context of use.

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The new Photos module of Good Lock also allows you to activate a function to take videos by holding down the Power button in the Photos app. Samsung is also adding a new feature to remove all unnecessary interface elements in the Photos app when an external monitor is connected.

The latest new feature available with Camera Assistant, the “quick shutter” function. Reserved only for the main sensor, it for its part allows for shutter speed by taking fewer photos at a time. Suitable for “freezing” moving objects or people, but Samsung notes that in some cases this mode can affect the quality of photos. Logic: the Multi-frame processingFewer photos to work on to get to the final shot.

broke down! Samsung Good Lock is about to welcome updates and new features! You will be able to set camera parameters in detail, and you can also share Good Lock settings with friends. etc.

– UniverseIce October 17 2022

In addition to the photo, Good Lock now also takes advantage of a new functionality for sharing settings. Obviously, this new feature allows you to share, for example with a friend, all the settings and customizations applied to your smartphone via Good Lock. We also learn that Samsung is considering including a more fun and practical way to share links through Good Lock.

Some existing features are also entitled to new features. In Quick Star, the stopwatch function of the top bar and the date on the status bar take advantage of the update. The next version of Good Lock also allows changes to the Nav Star taskbar button, but also to tweak some parameters of a file.Gestures. On tablets, ClockFace can finally be zoomed in.

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