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A luminous phenomenon was observed in the sky of Quebec

A luminous phenomenon was observed in the sky of Quebec

Some people were able to notice a certain light phenomenon on Monday evening in the sky of Quebec.

It was around 6:15 pm when an object left a long pink and green trail in the already dark night.

“We're talking about a racing car. It didn't explode, just consumed in the atmosphere but it's very bright and lasts a long time. “About three seconds,” says Philippe Musset, a photographer and amateur astronomer.

In astronomy, a meteor is a luminous phenomenon caused by the entry of a solid, natural extraterrestrial celestial body (metoid) of various sizes. The observed phenomenon falls within the category of meteors, which includes any object that emits a luminous effect when it enters the Earth’s atmosphere.

According to Philippe Musset, this phenomenon sometimes occurs. However, this one was particularly impressive, allowing many citizens to see and appreciate it.

Thanks to the DOMe (Detection and Monitoring of Meteorites) project, led by the Montreal Planetarium, the images were taken for several months, in the spring of 2023.

In Montebello, at the Mont-Mégantic Observatory, in Quebec, Louisville and Saint-Georges, eleven cameras intersect in southern Quebec.

The Quebec team is working with the Europeans who are the origin of the project called FRIPON (Recover the fireball and interplanetary surveillance network).

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