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Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 and A9 Plus appear in new leaks ahead of launch

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 and A9 Plus appear in new leaks ahead of launch

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 series has been spotted in the vanilla variant. The regular A9 joined the inaugural edition Redundant copy On the website of NBTC Which confirms the names and model numbers of each.

So the Galaxy Tab A9 has the number CM-X115While the Tab A9 Plus (or A9+) carries the model number CM-X216 Defined by the Federal Communications Commission. In this regard, the Tab A9 Plus was also visited Which includes live footage that suggests a very traditional Samsung tablet design (with viewing angles likely to be less than stellar). It also appears that both the Tab A9 and A9+ will feature 15W USB-C ports for charging, not to mention 5mm jacks. 3.5 mm jacks.

However, it seems that the A9 will be by far the smallest tablet in its series, with a footprint of 210.7 x 124.7 mm and a battery with a rated capacity of 5100 mAh according to UL tests, it will not be much larger than that of the A9. smart phone Medium with similar properties.

In this regard, the SM-X115 also appeared On GeekBench In another leak, it indicates the same storage capacity for Android 13-And 4 GB of RAM compared to the A9+. However, it has a different SoC, possibly Qualcomm, with 6 cores clocked at 2GHz and 2 more at 2.2GHz.

These specifications are related to a number of Snapdragon processors, the latest of which is the Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 4 Gen 2. However, the A9 is now said to support the following features 4G/LTEUnlike upgrading to 5G Than his counterpart plus. As a result, whatever silicone you get will almost certainly cost less than the new Tab A series.

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