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Le nouveau drone Pixy de Snapchat ne pèse que 101 grammes. © Snap Inc.

Pixy, a mini drone for selfies and selfies

After connecting the glasses, Snap has just launched a small drone. Equipped with a camera, the device makes short trips to allow Snapchat users to take authentic selfies.

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Goodbye to taking selfies! Selfies are now taken with a Drone. Anyway, that’s what Snap Inc, the parent company is doing snap chat. after Connected Glasses OffersHere’s his plane pixieCapable of taking photos and videos (without audio) and automatically uploading them to the Snapchat Memories section.

device in plastic The yellow color weighs only 101g (with battery) and yet it really is quadcopter Equipped with a camera. It fits in the palm of your hand and is simple the pressure Enough to make it take off. No need to experiment with it, it follows a predetermined path. Pixy offers four modes: scrolling or tracking, for up to 60 seconds, orbitingwhere it draws a circle around you at a maximum of 4.5 metres, revealing where it moves away up to nine meters and back.

Video presentation of a Pixy drone, some of which were captured by the drone (recall” Created with Pixy “). © Snap Inc.

Drones are subject to regulations

Once the flight is over, the Pixy lands directly in the palm of the hand, which it detects using a second camera placed under the device. On the photo side, Snap notes that its drone produces 12MP photos and 2.7K videos (probably 2,704 x 1,520 pixel definition) and has 16GB of internal memory. In terms of autonomy, Snap has announced five to eight flights, lasting barely a few minutes.

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However, keep in mind that despite its size, Pixy is really subordinate to it systems Regarding the use of Drone. It is a C0 category according to the new European regulations, which means that it does not have to be declared. However, the pilot must be registered on the AlphaTango website and have his operator number affixed to the machine. It should not be used in public places in residential areas, even if flying over a person of this category is permitted. And of course we should avoid Restricted areas. Pixy is already available for pre-order at €249.99, with shipment expected within 11 to 12 weeks.

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