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Android Auto now lets you watch Prime Video on the highway

Android Auto now lets you watch Prime Video on the highway

Android Auto has just benefited from the arrival of four new connected car features. According to the news, it now allows drivers to watch Prime Video on the highway, while enjoying other features like weather, web conferencing and the ability to use your smartphone as a digital key.

It’s kind of a variety of advertising. On the one hand, Android Auto users will see new features added. On the other hand, owners of Google-embedded vehicles will benefit from other improvements. In any case, we would like to point this outThe availability of these features depends largely on the make and model of your vehicle.. So, it is recommended that you understand these differences depending on your particular case.

Prime Video is now available on Android Auto

The distraction feature appears to be the first feature Google has integrated into Android Auto, allowing drivers to watch a video stream on the highway. But it is only available in certain brands, incl Renault, Polestar and Volvo.

FYI, Polestar, which is owned by Geely, Volvo’s parent company, has made its own announcement on the matter. In addition, the Vivaldi web browser based on Chromium technology, It is now part of the apps that Google has integrated newly.

On the other hand, the Prime Video application is available on Android Auto, which can be downloaded from the Play Store. It can only be accessed when your car is parked. Making it an option to occupy your time while charging your Polestar or Volvo electric car.

It is important to note that watching videos or playing games on your car’s home screen while driving is not only dangerous, but also illegal. Therefore it is natural that the road regulatory authorities Take the necessary measures in this regard.

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After adding Youtube to Android Auto earlier this year, Google continues to add more video streaming apps to its Android Auto platform.

For their part, it should be noted that Tesla car owners Already enjoy access to Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube Since 2019. However, it is positive to see Google expanding its offerings, even if it arrives a little late.

Your conferences directly from your car

Apart from the availability of Prime Video on Android Auto, Google has also added another cool feature. that it The web conference function can be accessed directly on the screen From your dashboard.

In this regard we find Integration with Cisco WebEx and Zoom, although both options are limited to audio. This development means that you can now attend your meetings while driving. All without worrying about your appearance or potential visual distractions in the office.

Vehicles equipped with the native Android operating system, integrated with Google, have already benefited In May of this year Integration between Zoom, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams.

Google says Android Auto users, who make up the majority of these systems’ user base, are following the web conferencing features.

Direct access to weather conditions

Vehicles equipped with integrated Google technology Also take advantage of the Weather Channel app. This is also available for download on Play Store.

In addition, you have the option toAccess the Trip View Which allows you to view the upcoming weather forecast when planning a car trip. This feature is especially useful for predicting weather conditions while traveling.

Your smartphone as a digital key

an ideaUse your phone as your digital key Controlling your car is often presented as a concrete example of the evolution towards increasingly connected cars. It’s a compelling way to show how modern vehicles have become computerized objects.

For this purpose, Google offers another feature other than Prime Video on Android Auto. This is the digital key feature for Android users. On the other hand, it is It is implemented very selectively.

Therefore, the digital key function will only be available on certain models and in certain countries. Of which Hyundai, Genesis and Kia Only available in the US, Canada and Korea.

Google has also restricted access to the Digital Key function to those using Pixel and Samsung smartphones. In particular Pixel 7 Pro and Samsung S23+. So it is necessary to have the right car model and compatible phone to enjoy this feature seamlessly.