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Salma Hayek, the wild boogie and bathrobe that opens to her 24 million followers

Salma Hayek, the wild boogie and bathrobe that opens to her 24 million followers

On her Instagram account the actressOne night in hell Posted a video Tuesday, May 16th. She’s wearing one bathrobe, frantically dancing there, and completely letting go.

Is it the fruit of the grueling dance sessions that chained her while filming Magic Mike 3 (2023), or a natural talent? One thing is for sure: Salma Hayek has rhythm in her skin. The actress posted a video through her Instagram account on Tuesday, May 16. Clad in a single white bathrobe, barefoot and hair loose, she indulges in Latin dancing with spontaneity and lets loose.

Apparently moved by the Spanish music reverberating in the room, the Mexican-American actress forgot her clothes, later forcing her to mutilate her breasts and private parts. It was enough for netizens to be quick to reply, with interested comments: “Where can we get the uncut, uncensored version? I’m asking for a friend,” one sneers. “I hate censorship,” complains another tear-jerking emoji in support.

“24 million reasons to smile”

We thank her community — which has millions of subscribers — that Salma Hayek, 56, posted said video. 24 million followers, 24 million reasons to smile / Thank you all for following me on this crazy adventure!

ScandalsAnd Madonna: How far can you go?

So Samantha Lopez, director and close friend of the actress, joins her in this impromptu choreography, speaker connected in his hands. A moment of simple and liberating complicity: what, without a doubt, to forget some scenes Magic Mike 3 (2023), which particularly featured the actress. Starting with an exhausting lap dance, an “extremely physically challenging” experience, such as I entrusted him in columnsTonight’s entertainmentlast March.

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