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Andrian A. Mallet earned this contract thanks to Sortez-moi d’ici!

Thanks to Get me out of here! Andréanne A. Malette was physically challenged, swallowed nasty insects, had to learn to control her hunger…she even got a professional contract!

The two shows Produced by Jean-Philippe Dion and colleagues at Productions Déferlantes, The singer-songwriter thinks her curiosity is likely caused by her nature Get me out of here! who persuaded the team to take her from my group of correspondents Sweety saltyAnd Which will start its 22nd season next Monday, May 22nd, on TVA.

We didn’t see it much on screen, it wasn’t a fiery moment, but we did get to talk a lot at camp. I am very curious to get to know people. I’ve always been asking everyone questions to find out more about their lives! Maybe production saw that I had that desire Andrian thought, in an interview with

Already, the singer has recorded two reports on a microphone Sweety salty : one with PETiTOM, the other with Jeanick Fournier, who is about to release his second album. ” Everyone asks me if I’m nervous about doing first interviews, and oddly enough, no. I don’t know if I should be… In Sucre Salé it’s normal, it’s summer, there’s a measure of freedom. I feel like it’s just a conversation and I love it, the chat said the new interviewer.

Otherwise, what has changed on a personal level? Unusual trip Get me out of here! In the life of Andrian A. Mallet?

It’s funny to say, but I’m proud to have somehow made peace with my selfishness. I often tend to uplift others and make sure everyone is okay. That’s what I did, we all took care of each other, but I also had a kind of focus that I didn’t have anywhere else. I was lacking in calories, sleep and all; Therefore, if my energy goes towards others, I have nothing left and I am in survival mode. So I was very focused on what I needed to do. It helped, because I’ve outdone myself…and I haven’t even lost any friends! (laughs) In my head, being selfish means losing your world. But not in this case. »

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After filming, I also bought a house in Estre ’ Andrian told us by deduction. I realized that my roots are there. I’ve been in Montreal for 15 years and always say I’m a girl from the woods. With the words “Get me out of here!” We were out 24 hours a day. We slept outside. And I became very healthy! I realized I was made to put both feet on the grass. When I got back to my apartment, I started shopping for houses. Now my land is Mt. Spending a month in the woods put me in an emergency, and being in the woods has a positive side to my mental health! Then there is no more stress. “

In terms of her projects, Andrienne A. Mallet has completed her latest tour, sitka, Gradually, he begins working on writing and recording a new album without pressure. She will be involved in staging performances at the Festival international de la chanson de Granby, where she participates every year, and we will see her all summer at Sweety salty.

edition” made by me With the secrets of photography, Get me out of here! It will be presented this coming Sunday, May 21 at 6:30 PM on TVA. Andréanne gave us advice here for future campers. Sweety salty On TVA Monday through Thursday, at 6:30 p.m., from May 22.