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Roy-Dash-Monahan: Very good chemistry going on

Roy-Dash-Monahan: Very good chemistry going on

Today marks the final day of inter-squad action at Brossard for the Montreal Canadiens, while tomorrow’s annual Reds vs. Whites game will take place at the Bell Center starting at 1 p.m.

As happened in the past two days, the four teams formed by Al-Habsk will face each other in two matches.

This morning, starting at 9am, Teams B and C faced each other.

Once again, we were treated to many great sequences that allowed us to reminisce about many shows.

One of the standout performances from this match is the very good chemistry that works and continues between Joshua Roy, Kirby Dutch, and Sean Monahan.

Once this trio was formed by Martin St. Louis at the beginning of the week, we were all excited to see what it would look like.

Well, let’s assume that the three men did not disappoint, on the contrary.

The red trio was so much fun to watch today again.

The chemistry works, and it shows.

The three guys find each other very easily on the ice, and have no trouble creating very good scoring chances on all of their shifts.

Furthermore, Joshua Roy looks like nothing more than a rookie in the company of Dutch and Monahan.

He showed that too yesterday.

Roy-Dutch-Monahan may have lost the game, as the Reds (Team B) lost 7-4 to the Whites (Team C), but they were able to pull off several strong sequences that paid off in the end, with Joshua Roy scoring the needle.

In short, Joshua Roy continues to get a lot of points at the moment during training camp, and he is building a very good case for potentially earning a spot in the CH lineup to start the season.

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It will be very interesting to follow him during the preparatory matches.

Among other elements that we were able to remember from this match, there is, among others, the beautiful relationship between the two strong players, Brendan Gallagher and Rafael Harvey Benard.

Again, it’s a duo that St. Louis put together at the beginning of the week that we really liked, and now the chemistry is working.

Harvey-Benard scored twice today for Whites (Team C), one of them with a great pass from Gallagher.

In short, the two little pests are easily found on the ice, and their hard work is paying off.

It could be a very tiring matchup if they stick with the same trio to start the season.

In short, that’s what I also noticed in this match.

Jonathan Kovacevic is an NHL defenseman. It doesn’t do anything extraordinary, but it does everything well.

He is calm and collected in all areas, and it shows that he has a lot of confidence at the moment. He also scored today for Team C.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see him start the season in the top six defensively.

Kayden Guehle and David Savard were very solid, each on their respective teams. Gohli also scored a goal.

Tanner Pearson had an excellent game, as he was everywhere on the ice. He proved that with the next sequence as he made a solid defensive play before breaking down a two-on-one to thread the needle.

He appears to be 100%, which is good news.

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Other than that, Lias Andersson and Owen Beck have also been good, as they will also want to fight for one of the final places in attack for the Canadian.

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– Effective way.

– A very important match that should not be missed today.

– It will start in less than a month in Trois-Rivières!

– He follows.

– very funny.