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Space tourism.  A Frenchman (civilian) will spend a few minutes in space in Jeff Bezos' capsule

Space tourism. A Frenchman (civilian) will spend a few minutes in space in Jeff Bezos' capsule

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“With a little luck, the parachutes open and we land without a problem in the Houston desert,” Savoyard Sylvain Chiron joked into a microphone. France informationOn Sunday, May 19, 2024.

In a few hours, the Frenchman will fly from Houston, along with five other people, to spend a few minutes in space. And no, he's not an astronaut by any means. He's part of the crew of Blue Origin, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' probe dedicated to space tourism.

Founder of Mont Blanc Brewery

Although he has had his pilot's license since he was 16, and “dreamed of becoming an astronaut” when he was young, Sylvain Chiron is not a qualified astronaut. He is the founder of Mont Blanc Breweries. He paid for his ticket to space. etc.The ticket is certainly expensive – confidential, he didn't want to say more – but he assures us: it was chosen for its qualities. “We take 3 grams on the way up, and 5 on the way down. You have to be able to take it.”

There are a lot of people wealthier than me who would like to go there.

Sylvan ChironThe founder of Brasserie du Mont-Blanc will spend a few minutes in the space

And he will be on board Legendary Ed DwightAn American trained in all astronaut techniques will in some ways become the oldest person to go into space (90 years old). He'll outshine William Shatner's Captain Kirk Star Trek.

Mason Angell, an American investor, and Kenneth L. Hess, a philanthropist with special knowledge of what is above heaven.

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We also find Carol Schaller, an American who is expected to go blind in the coming years, and Gopi Thutakura, the “traveler of a lifetime” pilot, as we can read directly on the website of Blue original.

The 12thH French to go into space

With this flight lasting a few minutes, Sylvain Chiron will become the twelfth Frenchman in history to ascend into space. It will also allow the number of space tourists to reach 50.

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“The flight is carbon neutral,” he stresses. (Missiles run on hydrogen, a gas that is not considered a pollutant of the atmosphere, but its production pollutes a lot.)

“The idea is above all to share a vision that space can be important for the future,” he emphasizes.

Blue Origin capsule. (© Blue Origin)

The liftoff, scheduled for 3:30 p.m. French time, can be followed live this is the address From 2:50 p.m

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