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Shock and misunderstanding: all the news on

Shock and misunderstanding: all the news on

As in the darkest hours of national football, Algeria awoke yesterday to a “hangover”, a still heavy memory of an incredible mass bankruptcy in Douala that cost EN, the defending champion, a humiliating elimination in the first round, with a disastrous one-point record taken from The possible nine scored only one goal.

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Necessarily responsible, Djamel Belmadi comes out weaker than this Cameroon. Sierra Leone (0-0) respected their start in this 33rd edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, then was shockedly defeated by Equatorial Guinea (0-1), and the national team was crushed in the midst of an attempt. Take off via the ruthless Ivory Coast (1-3) after the worst performance of the Belmadi era. This disastrous Cameroon campaign already takes its place among Algeria’s worst participations in the African Cup of Nations, with those in: 1968, 1986, 1992, 1998, 2002, 2013 and 2017, leaving EN to compete in the first round.

But unlike these different editions of the African Cup, Indiana, this time around, had the worst offensive participation in its rich and long history with just one goal scored in three games. Even at Ziguinchor, in 1992, for the fatal memory nightmare of the same name, the Greens did better by being able to score a goal in just two games!
The high level of incomprehension, the band in Belmadi, which includes in its ranks reputable fiery technicians such as Slimani, Mahrez, Belali, Bounedjah, Benrahma or even Brahimi, achieved worse results than the five goals in 1968 (Cote d’Ivoire 0-3, Uganda 4-0, Ethiopia 1-3), the two hits in 1986 (Morocco 0-0, Zambia 0-0, Cameroon 2-3), the only Panderella in 1992 (Cote d’Ivoire 0-3, Congo 1-1), 2 In 1998 (Guinea 0-1, Burkina Faso 1-2, Cameroon 1-2), the other 2 in 2002 (Nigeria 0-1, Liberia 2-2, Mali 0-2) and in 2013 (Tunisia 0-1, Togo 0 -2, Ivory Coast 2-2) or even 5 in 2017 (Zimbabwe 2-2, Tunisia 1-2, Senegal 2-2)!

That’s to say “ingenuity enormity” fellow citizen team captain! More than simple incompetence or chronic clumsiness, this “detail” that says a lot about jamming a DZ machine underscores, above all, the difficulties this EN champ faces on the continent and the fourth best performer in the history of international immunity to renewal. However, this becomes necessary to keep you going at a very high level.

And here specifically, the responsibility of the coach of the Greens is fully committed, who would certainly have made the mistake of repeatedly relying on the same “trainees”, regardless of their form at the club, their behavior abroad or (modern) passive in EN. The fact that he “killed” practically all the competition between the old Mbulhi who had barely jumped against the elephants and Okija in his life form, or he kept his confidence in Atal who got stuck due to his lack of cleanliness in life and is developing in slow motion, by granting so many (individual) freedoms Certainly for Mahrez and Blaili until their participation and performance in the green shirt or even their insistence affected a lot with Bounedjah, who was not able to raise his level of play. Today they appear as errors of judgment that cannot escape perfection like Belmadi. Especially since while he remains the man for the job as he has engineered all his success over three years, coach Jamal is also bound to reinvent himself to last longer on the tops of the continent and hopefully realize our shared dream, to be in Qatar in the fall of 2022!

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Whether or not he felt the need to renew his speech, which gives the impression that he no longer passes through the locker room, whether he modifies his communications and excessive tendency to go front at press conferences or whether he mitigates his somewhat exaggerated circumstances. Binational On the other side of the Mediterranean, the harsh truth is there: the brutal way he was summoned by EN results in Douala now forces him to make a real mistake!
About his ability to self-criticism and to keep his thoughts and ideals only what the high march to the World Cup dictates to him by the hard jump, because not everything is thrown away, it will depend, in short, the reconstruction time it will take to be able to recover as quickly as possible and not have to ( re) Taste, so early, of March, the bitterness of boring elimination.

In high-profile football where the dictatorship of the moment renders all historical legitimacy humiliating, useless and old-fashioned, Djamel Belmadi has already proven that he has his place, that he knows how to do it, that he can lead the England national team. It’s all there. Now he has to take advantage of that unfortunate harvest in January until it sprouts again in March.