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Eve-Marie Lortie makes an unexpected gesture for 'There Are People at Mass'

Eve-Marie Lortie makes an unexpected gesture for 'There Are People at Mass'

On Friday evening, Yves-Marie Lortie was among Christian Begin's guests There are people on the block.

When asked what song she had put on the table, she decided to take the question literally and walked up to the table chanting the lyrics to “River Deep Mountain High.”

It's a great! exclaimed Marie Carmen, astonished to discover the host swaying as he encouraged the audience to scream and applaud.

There's Hubert Lenoir who did that [monter sur la table] I think you and Hubert Lenoir are still planets “, announces the host, still in shock from Eve-Marie's infectious energy.

I have a very broken side », admitted the future host of Hello good Morning. “ I've already said to Mariana Maza: “If I take off my Eve-Marie suit, there's little Mariana underneath.” »

Eve-Marie Lortie also discussed with Christiane Begin the disrespectful comments she regularly receives. ” We women in anime are criticized for just being too much: smiling too much, laughing too much, just too much. So we would like to be less, but that won't happen! »

What I did there, appearing at the table, people might blame me for, was too much, but I can't, it's me! “She totally won,” she says, without a filter, to the cheers of the studio audience.

We are celebrating! “, then says Christian Begin. We join the host There are people on the block : Sit at tables more, Eve-Marie! We need more role models of accomplished women like you in our community sitting at the table!

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