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The Canadian is approaching an unprecedented catastrophe in the twenty-first century

The Canadian is approaching an unprecedented catastrophe in the twenty-first century

The Montreal Canadiens fell 3-0 in the Stanley Cup Final on Friday night against defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning. On Monday, the team could become the first team to be swept up in the final round since the turn of the millennium.

It is an outrageous act that Sainte-Flanelle actors have done on their enemies more often than on their part. Six times, the Hab made their opponents bite the dust without giving them a chance. Only once in its rich history has the team been played, in 1952, by the Detroit Red Wings led by Jordy Howe.

Here’s a look at the five teams that took the hopes of fans of rival teams in the ’90s.

The Penguins of Pittsburgh – 1992

The Mario Lemio gang shattered the dreams of the Chicago Blackhawks in four small meetings. Montrealer won his second and final Stanley Cup as a player alongside young Jaromir Jäger. Then the Czech player touched the most coveted trophy in his sport for the second time in several seasons in his career. Verdano’s Scottie Bowman captained this All-Star team and achieved the honor for the sixth time. Not last on this list.

New Jersey Devils – 1995

Jacques Lemerre’s team hit the dust on Bowman, this time behind the bench at the Detroit Red Wings. Young Martin Brodur scored a save rate of 0.927 and 1.67 goals against the average. The exploits of Cerberus, combined with the efforts of veteran Stefan Richter, who collected 21 points in 19 matches, allowed the team to end its playoff run with a 16-4 record.

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Avalanche de Colorado – 1996

Many old souls will forever remember the fateful date of December 2, 1995. That was the moment when Mario Tremblay, who was at the helm of the Canadians, and Quebec Patrick Roy had enough of each other. The latter was traded from DC four days later to go to help, the following spring, the Colorado Avalanche to win the Stanley Cup in four duels against the very young Florida Panthers. This tournament was won a year after the squad left Quebec to settle in the Rocky Mountains.

Red Wings Detroit – 1997, 1998

Sure, Bowman took a lot of notes. He made sure to take turns crushing the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals in four games within two years of being swept up. It’s hard to find a proper defense against players of Steve Yzerman’s caliber, Sergey Fedorov, Brendan Shanahan and Niklas Liedstrom.

La Belle County undoubtedly had a huge impact on the sweeper awards that were awarded in the 1990s. Formula 4 of 7 was adopted in the Stanley Cup Final from 1939 and since then 20 campaigns have been conducted.