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MTN Elite One  : Rigobert Song, une absence remarquable et remarquée

Rigobert Song, a noticeable and noticeable absence –

Coton Sport and Eding de la Liqui players had a golden opportunity to impress the Cameroon flag coach during the final match of the tournament held on Sunday. Alas! Rigobert Song responded to absent subscribers.

Rigobert Song and Samuel Eto’o with the indomitable lionesses of Morocco at the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations

The director of the picker for the indomitable lions is already in Morocco. Rigobert Song is part of the entourage accompanying FECAFOOT President Samuel Eto’o to the current Women’s Africa Cup of Nations (CAN).

If he often wanders the courts of Cameroon in search of the rare pearl, the technician missed the most important mini-tournament of the season. In fact, the 25 Elite One clubs played an average of about three matches per week to be able to qualify for these playoffs. The top four teams came together to decide which teams would represent Cameroon in international competitions. Obviously, coach Rigobert Song’s prize money is not the same for a trip to Garoua as Morocco, but his impressive salary forced him to attend this competition.

There will certainly be Hilton journalists who will argue that he often traveled across the country to watch elite matches. This is it. But we’re still talking about the height of domestic competition for 2022!

Song chose to play the main catalyst in a women’s soccer match. He cannot bring it any other added value. During the golden years of the ducks with Enow Ngatchou, these delightful performances were not made. But the results followed. The idea that motivation should be preferred over training and regulation exists only in Third World minds. Another effect of lag?

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Let’s say both teams provided a high quality service!

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