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Two very similar players, according to Mathias Brunet

Shane Wright and Nathan Gaucher with CH

That’s it: Project of the week is finally Fired in the NHL. There are only a few hours left until we know who will be the first overall choice (which belongs to CH) in the draft, with Shane Wright and Joraj Slavkowski continuing to be the main contenders.

Logan Colley is quite late in this race, but he’s not impossible To see it being formulated first in general.

And with the draft resting on us, it’s also the moment when the various experts in this exercise engage in famous (or phantom drafts). Corey Bronman posted his last week in which Slavkowski was #1 and Wright #4.

He also saw CH fish Liam Ohgren and Tristan Luneau (plus Slafkovsky) with two other options in the top 33.

Today, Craig Patton also posted his own message, and according to him, Wright would be the first choice for Habs.

Wright, whom Patton compares to Patrice Bergeron in terms of his playing style, is a man who can influence every inch of the ice according to a TSN expert. He’s a full elite-level player and will have more influence on CH than Slafkovsky, according to Button.

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However, he placed the Slovak in second place and Koli in third place. Defenders, Simon Nemec and David Jerichek, completed the top five.

In his practice, which only affects the first round, Button also predicts Canadian Nathan Goucher will rank 26th, a player he compares to David Bucks. Note however that it is not impossible for CH to trade this choice and for Gaucher to be drafted early, he is the one who has been climbing the rankings for a few weeks.

Obviously, at the moment, it appears that a file 50/50 Between Wright and Slavkovsky for the first option (with little chance of seeing Cooley thwart predictions). Bronman leaned toward Slafkovsky while Button was in angle wright. I can’t wait to finally make that choice.

Many of

Sad news. Our condolences to his family.

Speaking of Wright and Slavkovsky.

– Samuel Gerrard keeps his promise.

Rick Bowness starts to support each other.

– The only problem: If he is already in the second year of his contract (six years), what will he be after a few years?