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Researchers will test the "facial recognition" of colas

Researchers will test the “facial recognition” of colas

Australian researchers test a device “Facial recognition“Colas to better understand and protect these creatures,” Griffith University said.

Individuals identified by their gestures and physics

These researchers like to use artificial intelligence Recognize each marsupial It borrows wildlife columns in the state of Queensland (northeast).

Underpasses and bridges have been built on the busy roads near Colas’ habitat Safe route, Stay away from cars.

Researchers hope that artificial intelligence will eliminate the need to control cameras to detect which species use these eco-pipelines.

Now, as artificial intelligence has grown at full speed over the past decade, technology is sufficient to recognize every person in this race who uses these passages.. “

These researchers are already using identification tags and GPS to track colas. Facial recognition will recognize them on their basis Feature And their Movements.

The pilot project aims to save the creatures from extinction

These data should make it possible Understand better How Colas Use Wildlife Intersections and Wildlife Intersections can help prevent collisions with vehicles.

The government-funded project will allow the installation of twenty cameras near Brisbane in July.

Population of colas, victims Climate change, Habitat loss, dog attacks, car accidents and illness are an experience Dramatic decline.

Massive Fire The forests that devastated the massive island-continent in 2019 and 2020 largely contributed to accelerating this phenomenon.

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