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9 1.9 trillion: US Senate approves Biden’s corona aid package – Politics

Biden: The end of a tragic chapter in American history

US President Joe Biden His predecessor Donald Trump has been acquitted “The End of a Tragic Chapter” Rated American History. “Although the last referendum did not lead to a sentence, the essence of the charge is undeniable”According to a White House report on Saturday evening (local time), Biden said. 57 senators have accused former President Trump of “inciting a deadly uprising against our democracy.”

A brief look at the presidential election that Trump questioned and the events that followed, which finally took place on January 6 Struck the Capitol Leading to five deaths, Biden spoke of “a tragic chapter in our history.” It shows that democracy is fragile and must always be protected.

Now this conflict must end and the soul of the nation must be healed. “This is the task before us, and we must tackle it together,” Biden warned. Biden concluded, “United States of America,” underlining the word “United.”

The U.S. Senate acquitted Trump on charges of “inciting riots.” A majority of 57 senators voted to condemn the Republican Party on Saturday, but they missed a two-thirds majority of the 67 votes needed to condemn in the Senate. Fifty Democrats and seven Republicans voted against Trump. (dpa)

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