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Welcomes tourists: Demands “reciprocity” from Europe to the United States

Paris | The European Commissioner told RDL on Monday that Europe was “asking each other” from the United States to welcome European tourists, especially as part of the easing of restrictions linked to COVID-19. , Theory Breton.

Twenty-seven agreed on 19 May to allow travelers from third countries to enter the EU after obtaining the required doses of COVID vaccines approved at the European level.

Therefore, travelers should be vaccinated for at least 14 days, with two doses of Moderna, Pfizer-Bioendech, Astrogeneka or Johnson & Johnson single dose.

Brussels proposed that testing or isolation should not be imposed on those who have been fully vaccinated, but these decisions are ultimately the responsibility of each member state.

France, which will re-open the flow of passengers according to the color code from June 9, for example, especially travelers from the United States, will need a negative test (PCR or antigen) to see if they are being vaccinated.

When asked about tourism, Mr. Bretton pointed out that “we need an interview tonight.” [son] The U.S. opponent of American vaccines raises the question precisely, “Americans welcome in Europe and vice versa.

“From the moment American tourists were vaccinated, from the moment they were vaccinated in two doses, we waited for a 15-day deadline. I urge you to exchange with each other, I will talk about this later, because at this time we are still isolated in the United States,” the European commissioner said.

Mr. about China. Bretton said: “We are watching the evolution of the epidemic. There is also reciprocity. From the moment we welcome Chinese tourists, it is essential that we have the same reciprocity in comparable circumstances.

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