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Reindeer eyes change color and the reason is amazing!

Reindeer eyes change color and the reason is amazing!

The color of the iris changes depending on the season, going from golden in summer to blue in winter. According to researchers, this is a way to improve vision, thus helping the reindeer find food under the snow.

In addition to being friends with Santa Claus, Reindeer are amazing creatures. During the cold season, their body adapts: they lose their wood and Their eye color changes. If it’s golden in summer, The irises turn blue in winter. Recently, scientists wanted to know why.

Spot lichen using ultraviolet rays

In a new study, researchers from the University of St. Andrews in Britain and Dartmouth College in the United States found that this color change helps the caribou Look clearly during the cold period and look for lichenTheir main food source, Under the snow.

“In our eyes, as with most mammals, It is very difficult to spot pale lichen in white snow!Dr. Catherine Habiter, co-author of the study, which was reported by British media, noted. But in the eyes of the reindeer, Species that need food will appear as dark spots in a snowy landscape Much more reflective.”

According to research, the color change allows their eyes to do so To send UV light (UV). The researchers conducted the test. Last March, they went hiking in the Cairngorms, a Scottish area where reindeer live, in search of lichen beds. They photographed the plants under ultraviolet light, and that’s how they discovered this Some species absorb or reflect light differently. for example, Cladonia rangiferinaNicknamed “reindeer moss” because it is so prized by them, it strongly absorbs light.

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“Big advantage”

“The reindeer don’t want to Not wasting their energy wandering around looking for food In a cool and dry environmentProfessor Nathaniel Dominy, lead author of the study, noted. “If they can see the lichens from afar, it gives them Big advantageAllow them to do so Preserving precious calories at a time when food is scarce“.

Proof to the world that these animals deserve our attention. The reindeer is really coolBut many people only think about itin Christmas“.

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