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Renovated spaces In Léo-Lagrange in Foix, the multi-activity association visits new spaces

Renovated spaces In Léo-Lagrange in Foix, the multi-activity association visits new spaces

The project carried out within the Léo-Lagrange Association was completed a few weeks ago. Many spaces have been renovated with more than honorable results. Follow the president as he tours the building.

Works of Leo Lagrange – The multi-activity structure in the center of Foix has been completed and is successful. Old buildings have become tastefully renovated spaces equipped with stylish contemporary furniture. Special mention to the second floor designated for youth hostel accommodation. The rooms are worthy of a mid-range hotel.

The work was launched in January 2023 and will be completed in September. “But the project started on January 24, 2019,” Serge Lovera recalls. “This focused on four areas: construction of the project house, rehabilitation of tourist accommodation, renovation of multi-purpose rooms and floor accessibility for people with limited mobility,” continues President Liu. After the idea, studies continued, as did the search for funding.

In the end, the project value amounted to €1,420,000 including taxes distributed as follows: 29.6% state, 20.1% Lu Liu, 14.1% district and district, 6.7% National Family Support Fund, 9.9% holiday vouchers, 5.5% urban area.

An elevator has been installed

When everything was together, work began on the first and second floors, in the annex, at the same time for eight months. Le Léo, which hosts several activities every day, had to organize itself. “We were able to occupy the Limonaderie room and other rooms in the city centre. The city also lent us a headquarters on rue des Moulins, just like the youth center on rue Delcassé. We fought to ensure that the social center continued its activities.” In the face of this turmoil, the association lost some members, but “many played the game.” Young people from the cadet training center, who lived in the accommodation section, were accommodated at the Foix camp site.

The project house consists of two combined studios.

Everyone’s patience was rewarded. Users now enjoy completely renovated rooms with all contemporary amenities. President and Director Thierry Portet tours the building. To get to the second floor, you have to use a glass elevator that has been installed to make both levels accessible to people with limited mobility. The beautiful grand stone staircase was repainted to unify the colours.

“Everything was demolished”

The second level is for overnight stays, with several rooms that can be shared or not as you wish as in a youth hostel. “Here on the first floor, we demolished everything, leaving only four walls. The building was two floors, or 400 square metres. Everything was brought up to standard, electricity, floors and fire,” the director describes.

To access the rooms, you must have a “hotel-like” badge. The interior design is stunning and grand, and some of the hotel rooms have less charm. The beds are made of wood in a somewhat medieval style, with curtains to ensure privacy. The bathroom offers state-of-the-art amenities. The four-bed rooms have a mezzanine. One is fully duplex with a stone wall, “this is the suite,” jokes Serge Lovera.

New configuration

The first floor is dedicated to activity rooms. Here again, we enter good news. “He’s avoiding major problems, and I’m not going to tell you what set of keys the director had,” the president says. Parquet floors, new furniture, insulation, everything is clean. In the room, facilitators work with children in a fun working environment.

At the end of the corridor, we reach the multi-purpose room. “We created two additional rooms by taking the director’s office and creating a veranda, after reducing the veranda,” explains the president. Furthermore, as a novelty: a removable partition has been installed between two rooms. “Thanks to this new configuration, we have obtained an additional 70 square meters for the first level,” rejoices the president. Created by merging two studios, Project House now provides 45 square meters for digital meetings and workshops. “We chose to do away with two rents,” he adds.

The manager took over the management of the concierge room which had been converted into offices. This is the building outside Leo, which adjoins Perifidal Street. Users now benefit from a beautiful environment as a playground.

New court for 2024

At the beginning of January, Liu will resume work again, which this time will concern the courtyard and its 300 square meters of space. You must plant a tree and a flower. The outlines of the facades will be decorated with climbing plants. The bitumen must give way to a permeable cover, to accommodate three stages as always. The project is scheduled to be completed at the end of May.

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