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Martin Freeman stopped being a vegetarian after 38 years

Martin Freeman stopped being a vegetarian after 38 years

Martin Freeman has revealed that he has decided to ditch his vegan diet and is “trying to eat less processed foods”.

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“I stopped being a vegetarian. “I started being a vegetarian in January 1986 because I was never comfortable with the idea of ​​eating animals,” the 52-year-old actor told Nick Grimshaw and chef Angela Hartnett in the latest episode of the podcast. Dish Released on May 1 (24). “So I haven't had a good bolognese since. This is the first good bolognese meal I've had in 38 years.”

Star Sherlock He explained that he has “reservations” about some meat alternatives despite his love of plant-based food.

“I've always had some sort of vegetarian alternatives and things. I think in the last few months, it's really become a new thing to be a carnivore again, and to eat what I love.”

“It's a funny question, because I love meat alternatives, but my reservation about them is that they can be too processed, and I try to eat less processed foods.”

Martin Freeman then revealed the foods he enjoys most since ditching his vegan diet.

“The Scotch egg is one of those things where I said to myself: 'It's a free country, I can do whatever I want,'” he joked. “The second one, you know, is jelly pie and all that nonsense.”

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