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Web token auctioned in NFT

Web token auctioned in NFT

Why NFT? It’s a normal thing to do when you’re a computer scientist and write code, and it has been for many years.Tim Berners-Lee said in a statement.

It seems fair to me to digitally sign an all-digital artifact.

Quote from:Tim Berners-Lee

What are non-fungible tokens?

non-replaceable tokens (Irreplaceable icons, or NFT) is a type of certificate of authenticity for a work, whose ownership history is preserved and accessible to the public through blockchain technology.

The NFT includes the original source code from the web, an animated visualization, a letter written by Tim Berners-Lee and a digital poster of the complete code from the original files.

ARPAnet, the predecessor of the Internet, was created in 1969.

Photo: Radio Canada

The files contain 9,555 lines of code, including implementations of the three languages ​​and protocols invented by the computer world: HTML, HTTP, and URL.

Also included are original HTML documents that showed internet users how to use the web in the selling process.

major invention

Tim Berners-Lee’s invention created a new world, democratizing information sharing, creating new ways of thinking and interacting, and keeping people connected.said Cassandra Hutton, Sotheby’s Global Head of Science and Popular Culture.

Over the past few centuries, humanity has experienced a series of paradigm shifts that have brought us into the modern era, but none of them have had such a disastrous impact on our daily lives as the creation of the Web.

Quote from:Cassandra Hutton

NFTs have exploded in popularity in recent months. Exclusive digital artwork by American artist Mike Winkelman, better known as Beeple, which sold for nearly $70 million At Christie’s in March 2021.

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Many memes have also benefited from this wave, including disastrous girlwho is close to $615,000 CAD in mid-April to sell the photo in NFT Behind the picture that spread on the Web in the second half of the 2000s.

Auctions start at $1000 in a standalone online sale that runs June 23-30, 2021.