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Record year for organ donation in Quebec

Record year for organ donation in Quebec

Transplant Quebec announced a record number of organ donations for 2023, a year in which 569 people were transplanted in Quebec, an increase of 17% compared to the previous year. In total, 206 deceased donors enabled the transplantation of nearly 700 organs.

These increasing indicators are good news for patients who soon hope to receive transplants. Waiting lists have shrunk, especially for those who need a heart or lungs.

The General Manager of Transplant Québec attributes this success to the development of partnerships with health system institutions. We now have coordinating physicians operationally in all CISSS and CIUSSS in the province of Quebec who work in close collaboration with dedicated staff from Transplant Quebec“, explains Martine Bouchard.

However, the director stresses that the record donations, although this is good news, have put great pressure on Transplant Québec, both in terms of budget and human resources. According to Martine Bouchard, The chain of donations is being tested.

Martine Bouchard, General Manager of Transplant Québec.

Photo: Radio-Canada/Colin Côte-Poulette

We had a record number of donors, 206 the previous year, an unheard-of number, meaning our internal resources were stretched to the limit.

For a framework law on organ donation

Every organ donation represents a big job for Transplant Québec, which must ensure that the wishes of potential donors are respected, that families are accommodated and that the entire medical aspect is coordinated, including the availability of operating rooms and the travel of patients who sometimes live far away. Donor.

Martine Bouchard recalls that Transplant Québec presented a summary in January, during the parliamentary committee on organ donation. We very much hope that there will be a governing law in Quebec, specifically to give Transplant Quebec the tools to have the financial resources, but also the human resources to be able to continue to increase the pace and save more lives.

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