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Braille, a basic tool, is rarely used in public places

Braille, a basic tool, is rarely used in public places

We tried this with Jean-François Goossens, by ordering the Braille menu at several cafés and restaurants in central Mons. Conclusion: In the Mons area, it is impossible to find a restaurant that offers a menu in Braille. The only braille map we found was at a fast food restaurant outside of town. At the tourism office, we did not find any other documents in Braille. However, it is true that The Museum Center (which runs the city's museums) works in partnership with the Friends of the Blind of Glen. However, with the exception of international exhibitions (which provide paper support in Braille), Other tours are presented in audio forma description.

Braille? We don't think about that…

Therefore, we find menus and tourist brochures in English and Dutch, but not in Braille. Why ? The restaurateur from the Grand-Place in Mons simply admits that “we don't think about it.” “We speak foreign languages, but we limit ourselves to English. I completely agree, it's very sad. We should think about that!“However, during his career, this man never encountered a blind person:”But if that happened to me, I admit I would be caught and deprived a little, and that would really upset me, actually“.

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