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Quebec: How to make housing affordable for the most vulnerable groups?

Quebec: How to make housing affordable for the most vulnerable groups?

The closure of nursing homes (RPA) is particularly concerning. Over the past five years, more than 470 establishments have closed their doors – this in the Montreal area but also in Chaudière-Appalaches, Estrie or Montérégie.

In 2023, 2,500 senior renters will lose their homes, according to the Quebec Association of Public and Semi-Public Retirees.

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The reasons for the closures appear to be multiple: a lack of staff, dilapidated buildings – while adhering to fire protection standards is often difficult – and a lack of financial capabilities on the part of the owners to carry out the necessary work.

The same situation applies to young people. Nearly 700 people were unable to find housing last year, due to a lack of affordable housing and places in student residences. Newcomers face the same challenges.

How can we make housing in Quebec affordable for the most vulnerable groups? Isabelle Bourgogne talks about this with:

Quebec has housing problems. They are too few, too expensive and push into an inflationary spiral. The problem has become more serious with the numerous closures of seniors' accommodation. The housing vacancy rate has been declining steadily for 5 years. How does Quebec compare to its neighbours?

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How did we get here? We've already been saying this for 10 to 15 years: Has the problem never stopped getting worse?

Some people are more at risk than others. What specific challenges do they face, especially older people who also need care and whose income is not keeping up with inflation?

Young people must also give up accommodation where they want to study, for example in the area. We have noticed a 20% increase in the number of young people wanting to find housing outside the mainland, according to Place aux Jeunes en Région.

What about new arrivals?

Finally, what solutions can be found to close many combat zones?


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