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Rapper Yes McCann is the victim of fake lawyer Megan Lalonde

Rapper Yes McCann is the victim of fake lawyer Megan Lalonde

Serial fraudster Megan Lalonde has another victim: Rapper Yes, formerly called Yes McCann and whose real name is Jean-François Ruel, also fell for the trap.

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The rapper, best known for playing the character Damian in the TV series Fugueuse, posted a 13-minute video on TikTok this Sunday recounting the scam.

The Journal de Montreal revealed last week that a person posing as a fake lawyer on social networks was under investigation by the Quebec Bar Association.

Courtesy and photo taken from meg_lalo Instagram account

Megan Lalonde, 24, offered her fake services on TikTok or Instagram by posing as a supposed lawyer to defraud Quebecers on online shopping sites.

To achieve her goals, Quebec masked her real body by using filters on her face and modifying other parts using software.

Image taken from Instagram account Meg_Lalo

Finally, Megan Lalonde would actually be a mother from Drummondville with a long record of fraud, according to a magazine article.

On Monday she promised an interview with TVA Nouvelles, but she played along with us. The meeting held at the Court of Saint-Jerome never materialized.

Many victims

Rapper Yes McCann also took the stand, according to his video posted on TikTok.

He thought he was in contact with this lawyer, but all the time, behind this facade, it was Megan Lalonde who was communicating with the artist.

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She even asked him out on a date that never happened.

  • Listen to his story below:

For his part, Dominique Murray also told Yves Poirier that Megan Lalonde was going to sell him, at the liquidation site she managed, a gazebo for $4,000 that he never received.

Murray says he is in contact with dozens of alleged fraud victims.


In particular, a Drummondville landlord told us that Megan Lalonde and her partner Tommy Phaneuf owed them $23,000 in unpaid rent and damages.

The Quebec Bar Association is still in the verification phase.