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QUEBEC SPOKESPERSON, MAGIC CITY!: For Alain Choquette, it all started at Ad Lib

QUEBEC SPOKESPERSON, MAGIC CITY!: For Alain Choquette, it all started at Ad Lib

Without realizing it at the time, Alain Choquette created the recipe that would make him a world-famous magician when he performed humorous tricks on the show. ad libduring the eighties and nineties.

It was one of the most popular segments on this late night talk show. Once a week, young man Alain Choquette surprises host Jean-Pierre Collier with his ingenious tricks, while making him laugh with his jokes… his pockets.

“What I’ve learned is that the fun comes into the living room. When I create a number, I want to bring back that kind of emotion,” says the Magic Quebec City spokesperson (formerly Quebec Magic Festival), recalling those laughs on TV.

“Jean-Pierre was a professional player. He was very charismatic. He would actually laugh. I wrote my scripts with Pierre Legare and Christian Tétreau based on Jean-Pierre. Sometimes the gag could be very flat, but that was to be expected. The flatter he was The more he laughed, he said, “I can’t believe you told that joke.”

Photo by Cédric Belanger/Le Journal du Québec


This desire to properly display his magic tricks never left him. It’s basic. Nothing bothers him more than a magician with impeccable technique, but no showmanship.

“I see a lot of them,” says Alain Choquette. Unfortunately, these people will not be limited to many. If you play in big stadiums, you have to play big. This does not mean the presence of large companies, but rather the ability to attract everyone’s attention and interest. »

He himself knows something about it, as he got a one-year contract in Atlantic City thanks to an act that made 12 people in the audience randomly disappear.

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More than a show for kids

In the same vein, Alain Choquette also lamented that the art of magic is often associated with children’s shows. “If you come and see what we are presenting as part of the festival, it is of high quality,” he corrects. There are magic tournaments in different categories in the world and there is a champion among the champions. We have three here. »

Once again, it’s back to show business, which is what it’s all about to attract an audience.

“I worked on a TV show called The greatest magic in the worldOn NBC, there’s a girl who lifted a metal ball. It’s an old thing that takes 30 seconds, but it lasted five or six minutes, I danced with the ball, it was very sensual, it was very beautiful. »

Let’s see in Quebec, the magic city !

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  • Fredo offers Elephant in the roomSeptember 20, 6 p.m., at Saint-Charles Garnier College
  • Place des Jardins, activities for everyone, from September 21 to 24, Place Deauville