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It’s already almost over if we still love each other

It’s already almost over if we still love each other

Yes, viewers widely criticized the behavior of my nominees If we still love each otherbut we are convinced that their story and the advice of Louise Seguin has been a life saver for some people, who have recognized themselves in the situations depicted on the small screen.

On the other hand, the resurgence that makes a useful business is already coming to an end. This special version of If we love each other Made only for six weeks. Thus, there are only 8 episodes left before we have to say goodbye to these imperfect, but very lovable couples we have been following for a month already.

The final episode will air on June 9. See here when you can watch a more traditional version of If We Love Each Other Again.

Already, we are feeling the improvements within the couples, particularly between the boiled Emmanuelle and the quiet Jeremy, who are learning to rediscover each other. Also, the kindness that Natalie has learned to tame turns out to be very touching and Lee begins to make efforts to try to improve, despite the anger he harbors. Note that the exercise Louise Sigouin suggested to the latter this week made viewers uncomfortable. More details here.

We’ll miss them this summer, their sweet vulnerabilities and their openness to communicating it, that’s for sure!

Let’s also remember that Emmanuelle and Jeremy had their new baby. Find out the baby’s gender here.