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Quebec offers a third dose to facilitate travel abroad

Quebec offers a third dose to facilitate travel abroad

Vaccinated travelers planning a trip abroad will be able to get a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine if those vaccinated in Canada are not identified in the country they wish to go to, the Quebec government asserts.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services confirmed this Saturday morningExceptionally An additional dose of the messenger RNA vaccine will be available for those who depend on international travel.

They will be able to obtain it through existing vaccination services and at their simple request.

This procedure concerns persons who have been vaccinated according to mixed scheduleThose who received a single dose of the Covishield vaccine (manufactured by the Serum Institute in India) or the AstraZeneca vaccine, and one dose of the messenger RNA vaccine.

In Canada, approximately 81,000 people received a dose of Covishield vaccine and 481,000 doses of AstraZeneca.

It also applies to people who have been vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine. coffeeshield.

Concerned travelers can make a detailed appointment or go to a clinic without an appointment, to report to MSSS.

In addition, the Government of Quebec Discussions are currently underway with the federal government so that offers can be made so that the AZ and Covishield vaccines are more widely recognized internationally, as well as a mixed calendar.Define the ministry.

Some European Union countries do not recognize the KooviShield vaccine and some cruise ship companies refuse passengers who have received two different vaccines.