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Unrecognized mixed vaccines: Travelers may receive a third dose

Unrecognized mixed vaccines: Travelers may receive a third dose

Quebec offers a solution for people who have been refused travel, especially to the United States, because they received two different vaccines. They can now receive an extra dose.

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These details come in response to Jerome Goudreau’s story, which he reported yesterday Newspaper.

The Quebec man was forced to cancel plans for Caribbean cruises when he learned that the cruise line Norwegian Cruise Line did not consider his vaccine valid with Pfizer in the first dose and Moderna in the second.

“Exceptionally, people for whom it is necessary to receive an additional dose of the vaccine can receive it […] If the need to travel outside the country requires it and they initially received a mixed schedule,” says Noemi Vanhoferswen, a spokeswoman for the ministry.

Without special conditions

MSSS specifies that this dose can be given “to any person whose vaccination has not been recognized in the country to which he is going”.

People just have to make a ‘detailed’ appointment at Clic Santé or go for a ‘quick visit’.

However, some caveats are important. The additional dose is not required for protection and can lead to “more frequent and more severe” adverse reactions.

“It is up to everyone to weigh the risks and benefits,” the ministry recalls, in an email sent to magazine.

It is also not recommended to go to vaccination centers to get this extra dose in anticipation of a long-term trip because the situation is changing. Two levels of government confirmed Thursday that they were discussing access to internationally recognized mixed vaccines.

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Even if a combination of two different vaccines is not always recognized in certain places at the moment, immunologist Alain Lamarre points out that the resulting immune response is excellent.

There is no scientific or biological reason to be concerned about effectiveness. The considerations at the moment are more administrative, because countries want to protect themselves, ”explains the specialist.

Details of the “extra dose”

  • It can be given to people for whom the “combination” vaccination is not recognized in the country of destination
  • It does not increase protection against the virus
  • May cause ‘more frequent and severe’ side effects
  • No proof of residence abroad is required
  • There is no study to measure the effect of this extra dose
  • A period of at least 4 weeks after 2NS dose

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