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Quebec hostage to Trudeau’s fanaticism

Quebec hostage to Trudeau’s fanaticism

Justin Trudeau wants 500,000 immigrants a year. What are we thinking?

To have a chance to think well, you need at least two prerequisites: name things correctly and respect the facts.

Let’s start with the words.

Larousse defines the word “zealot” as follows: “one who is carried away by an immoderate ardor, an immoderate passion for a religion, cause, party, etc.”

You will decide whether or not this applies to Trudeau’s views on immigration.


Let’s get to the facts.

It is said that mass immigration is necessary, because many jobs will be unfilled.

Impressions are often misleading.

facts? Canada’s unemployment rate has risen for the third month in a row.

The unemployment rate is higher among immigrants who arrived in the past five years than among those born in Canada.

The rate of population increase, which is promoted by immigration, is higher than the rate of job creation.

Now let’s look at housing.

facts? Rentals are rare and expensive, and homes for sale are increasingly expensive.

Our colleague Michel Gerard reported this in the second quarter of 2023The number of people of working age in Canada has increased by 238,000.

The historical benchmark is 82,000 for the second quarter.

During this time, how many new housing starts have been made? 62,000.

And for the rents, what do you think would happen if a lot of people lined up in front of the landlord?

Now let’s take a look at Trudeau’s latest reshuffle.

Liberal MPs unpack their bags anonymously in the media.

I am prepared to believe that they are bitter for not appointing them ministers, but they are also in a better position than you and I at seeing certain things.

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Why did Garry Anandasangari become a minister? Because the vote of the Tamil community is crucial in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto, where the fate of the next government will be decided.

Rishi Valdez is the new Minister for Small Business. Did she attend her lessons on the seats of Parliament?

No, she’s a neophyte, but she’s the first Canadian of Filipino descent to become a minister, and that could be crucial when her community votes, especially in Missisauga-Streetsville, also in suburban Toronto.

The same, they say, for Liara Sachs, the new Minister of Mental Health and Addiction, Jewish and Canadian-Israeli, elected at York Centre, also in Toronto.

Their stock values ​​would drop dramatically if they were named Gene Thompson or Joe Smith.

There are many other examples. Race is more important than skill.

It is ideological fanaticism combined with calculating irony.


Faced with this racial obsession with immigration, Legault’s government first protested weakly, then took a hiatus.

Books tell us the story of people who have disappeared or become relics of folklore.

Today’s French-speaking Quebecers are negative actors in their own drama.