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Route 132: Motorists condemn the state of the road

Route 132: Motorists condemn the state of the road

Many motorists deplore the deplorable state of Route 132 at the road construction site in Metis-sur-Mer, in the Basse-Saint-Laurent.

Driving there has become perilous due to the deep ruts in the road that extend for 1.5 km.

The work will be extended over several weeks, the Department of Transportation (MTQ) confirms.

“This is an important project because we will be replacing the road foundation. Over the past few hours, granular material has been added to the eastbound road to close potholes and thus improve ride comfort for road users,” said MTQ spokesperson Jean-Philippe.

This situation occurs during periods of great affluence at the height of the summer tourist season.

“It’s a bit chaotic. It’s a mess, but we’re dealing with what we have. The car is not very suitable for these conditions, but we have no choice but to get through,” says one of the motorists.

A resident of the area, who frequently passes through the area, asserts that he has never noticed a situation like this.

“It’s exceptional, I’ve rarely seen that,” Real Thibault told TVA News. “There’s a lot of work done internally on Quebec roads, but I’ve never seen a road as pathetic as this.”

In addition, heavy rain in the past few hours in eastern Quebec has created cracks in the road.

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