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Unexpected effects of solar storms on agriculture

Unexpected effects of solar storms on agriculture

In North America, a solar storm over the weekend of May 11 and 12 had unexpected effects on agricultural operations. The Northern Lights colored the skies across the Northern Hemisphere for two nights. A very rare occurrence in Europe or America. The scene also disrupted power and communication systems due to the solar storm.

In Canada, the United States, and especially in the Midwest, farmers had to temporarily halt their sowing. Some Farms are so large that many farmers use GPS-equipped tractorsTo sow the seeds.

For anyone, a meter error in GPS is not a big deal. But when this technology is used with an accuracy of 2 cm, This allows the seeds to be mapped and planted as accurately as possible To get better yield.

On social networking sites, When the farmers showed their GPS error message, they explained that they were in the middle of sowing. Planting cannot be continued at the risk of not forming a regular structure in the fields.

As of Friday, May 10, this agricultural stabilization technology leader has sent A message to all its customers to warn them of the effects of the solar storm. The company explained that it is looking for a forecasting tool for these solar storms to warn customers sooner.

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