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Was the data of Laval citizens stolen?

Was the data of Laval citizens stolen?

24 hours after the cyber attack paralyzed Ville de Laval’s computer system, the municipality cannot confirm whether or not citizens’ data was stolen.

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“We don’t have an answer to all our questions. We are currently analyzing. We have teams of experts,” Laval’s mayor, Stephane Boyer, told TVA Nouvelles.

The latter adds that a specialized team from Microsoft in the field of cybersecurity is in the process of analyzing all activity on the city’s network and its 250 servers.

“We have no problem. Everything related to 911, police, fire, water treatment and all important services are intact. But citizens can sleep on their ears, and there is no reason to believe at the time we are talking that their information has been stolen,” emphasizes Stefan Boyer.

Cybercrime specialist Eric Barnett remains skeptical. According to him, it was probably a negligent employee who let the hackers in.

“The problem with that is that you can’t tell employees not to open emails that have files attached. Someone in HR will receive resumes,” he explains.

Currently, the intruder has not claimed a ransom and no information has been shared in the Dark Web, Eric Barnett notes.

We know nothing after 24 hours. We don’t know much. So it’s a bit brave to say that citizen data has not been affected,” says the cybercrime expert.

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