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[VIDÉO] Quebec City: Trade union leader explains how to 'make business slow down naturally'

[VIDÉO] Quebec City: Trade union leader explains how to 'make business slow down naturally'

In a recent video, Quebec City union president Luc Boissonneault explained to his members ways they can “slow down work naturally” without doing so in a “formal” way.

“We will slow down the work in this way because it must be said that we officially do not have the right to slow down the work according to the Quebec Labor Code (…) but the way to do it is “very simple,” he tells his members in a two-minute video posted two weeks ago on a page Internal guild and got it Newspaper.

Among these methods, Mr. Poisson advises union members in particular: “I will bring in a guardian (the tycoon) in 2490… but if there is a guardian in 2480, he (the employer) will not.” Don't say pick it up. You don't receive it. He will return it to you for you to pick up.”

According to him, there are “a lot of small examples like that” which means “we will have more travel and that will naturally slow down the work.”

Calling on its members to “leave [leur] “Christie from Cellular,” the union leader called on them to methodically wait for orders from their superiors which were to be communicated exclusively via radio waves.

Internal management

When asked to comment on his video, Mr. Boissonneau limited himself to saying that it was a matter of “internal management” of the union. He replied: “I refuse to comment on the video because it is an internal administration.” The city has retracted this video. It's very clear. They are unable to prove anything. “There has been no slowdown in work.”

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At the beginning of May, Quebec City sent a formal notice to the union leader asking him to do so To undo Before May 10. On Monday, even if the specified deadline had passed, the municipality decided not to initiate legal procedures at the present time.

“Since we have not seen any mobilization of members in response to the president’s call to slow down the work, there will be nothing at the moment. But we are keeping the request to go to the Administrative Labor Court pending because the evidence is still strong that there is a request to slow down the work,” said François Moisan, a municipal spokesman. “.

In March, workers in Quebec voted 99% in favor of pressure tactics, which could go as far as a strike, to be used when appropriate.

On the other hand, after several months of unsuccessful negotiations with municipal police officers, Quebec City decided to use a mediator in this matter. Most Quebec City employees have been without an employment contract since December 31, 2023.

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