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Quantum Fault takes longer on Xbox due to “slower SSD” than PS5|  Xbox One

Quantum Fault takes longer on Xbox due to “slower SSD” than PS5| Xbox One

In September 2020, the Quantum Error was not talked about much and the latest news dates back to March 2022 when the gameplay was presented to us. Developed under Unreal Engine 5, the “cosmic horror” FPS / TPS game is now coming to the fore by introducing new snippets of gameplay, but that’s not all.

The Xbox version of the game will take longer to release than the PS5 version

After the trailer was released, the developer tweeted that Quantum Error was designed to run using the PS5’s extremely fast SSD. According to TeamKill Media, the Xbox’s SSD is much slower, which means developers will need to make changes to the game for it to run properly on Microsoft’s console.

The QE was designed to run with the PS5’s ultra-fast SSD, the Xbox SSD is a bit slower, so we’ll have to change a few things to make up for that speed difference. ยป

The developer still mentioned that the Xbox version of Quantum Error will have the same frame rate and graphics quality as the PlayStation 5 version. However, the game may experience slowdowns or stutters during level transitions, due to the Xbox’s slower SSD speed.

Finally, they have stated that they are currently working on a solution to fix this issue and that they will not release the Xbox version of Quantum Error until it is ready.

Quantum Error is scheduled to release in 2023 on Xbox Series X | S, PS5, PS4 and PC.

We didn’t say the game doesn’t run on Xbox, the game runs at 60fps with the same graphics quality on Xbox as it does on PS5. We just pointed out that the SSD on Xbox is slower and we need to find a way to fix that. We have a boss fight in QE that instantly changes levels 4-5 times like in Rachet and Clank, without the extra speed of the PS5 transition of the SSD or this fight might overlap with the boss.