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NASA: Towards a shortage of astronauts?

NASA: Towards a shortage of astronauts?

At the start of the year, the US space agency is sounding the alarm: The size of the astronaut’s crew may be too small to meet the needs of its future space mission.

This black-and-white note was drafted in a January 11 report where NASA confirmed it was entering a new era of human spaceflight:[Avec] Back on the Moon and the eventual landing of humans on Mars, effective management of teams of astronauts is critical to the agency’s success.” Today, NASA has 44 agents versus 150 in 2000.

Big ambitions, small teams

Despite everything, NASA is still thinking big. It also hopes that its astronauts will be able to maintain their presence in Earth’s orbit aboard the International Space Station. But not only: It also continues to work on the international project Artemis, a program that works so that man will once again walk on the surface of the moon, a historic event that has not happened again since 1972. Further exploration of Mars is also among its priorities. But all of these projects require people. Because NASA stresses that it must also anticipate logistical factors such as replacing sick astronauts on certain missions.

Ten new candidates have been selected

Today, the agency has managed to get enough astronauts for its missions, with teams of three to four people, over the next five years. Moreover, ten new candidates were selected at the end of 2021.

a report It ends with four recommendations for NASA to change the situation.

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