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Publications of the week in the National Assembly

Publications of the week in the National Assembly

These are the elected officials or leaders of political parties who have come to prominence for good or bad over the past week.

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Susan Roy, CAQ

File photo, Stevens LeBlanc

In November, his ministry concluded that Le p’tit monde d’Annanou daycare center had acted in a manner that “endangers the health, safety and well-being of children”, after reports revealed troubling deficiencies. However, the license was not revoked and the children continued to visit her for … three months.

Eric Girard, CAQ

It is not unreasonable to use a portion of the amount paid into the Generations Fund for a related tax abatement, since Quebecers are the most taxed. However, the middle class could have been targeted better. The poorest have received three checks so far, not to mention an increase in the senior citizen tax credit to $2,000.

François Legault, CAQ

Screenshot TVA Nouvelles

In February, when he wrote to Prime Minister Trudeau asking him to resolve the Roxham question with Joe Biden, many believed he was taking his dreams for reality. “Whether we like it or not, Roxham Road will have to be closed one day,” he begged. He was also right to write to Globe and Mail to make it a national issue.

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Caroline Proulx, CAQ

It caught the bull by announcing it would tighten the law governing Airbnb. She maintains that she has been working on the issue since December. The day after meeting with the platform leaders, they removed residence ads without a registration number.

In large quantities

Fitz Walser…

Peter Fitzgibbon The two insisted on the fact that he discloses nothing about cabinet discussions in the public arena. However, in April 2022, he revealed that it was the Prime Minister who decided to give the unconditional green light to Quebec City for the tramway.

Slack is in demand

François Legault’s party refused to support a PQ proposal on Wednesday calling for the creation of a single tax report. However, it was a claim of the federal government included in the CAQ program, which provided significant savings.