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Emily Crete reveals that she recently underwent major surgery

Interior designer Emilie Cerretti, magazine contributor 7 daysOn social media, she revealed that she had recently undergone major surgery to remove lesions from her abdomen.

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By posting a picture taken in the hospital, she revealed that she was being treated for a recurrence of a rare cancer. “This is me two days after a second surgery to remove these new lesions in my abdomen that have settled into recurrence exactly two years after this type of leiomyosarcoma (a rare type of cancer I hadn’t even heard of two years ago) entered my daily life without warning. “Taking care of your home design has always been important to me in my career as a designer. Now, the term has taken on a whole new meaning in my life and doesn’t just apply to our homes,” she wrote, staying positive despite it all. “I’m fine, I’m getting better every day, and the coming of spring seems to give me wings! The warrior in me is looking forward and coming out much stronger.”

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