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Soulking's unexpected answer to music

Soulking's unexpected answer to music

Solking is a successful Algerian singer. His fans number millions in Algeria and abroad. “Singer of the song” freedom » However, he left his fans confused after very controversial statements made during a confessional interview with a YouTuber from the Middle East. Comments that earned him a lot of criticism, especially treating him as “ Islamic 2.0 » By an Algerian director.

Anas Boukhash, host of the AB Talks program on YouTube, asked the Algerian singer residing in France a routine and harmless question: “ What is the defect that you want to change in your life? »

Soolking's response was completely unexpected: “ I hope to stop playing music one day. » His explanation is even more surprising. ” It is not a shame, but I wish I could stop music because it is forbidden », he said to his opposite number.

Music is haram (religiously illegal), but as a Muslim I follow what God says and that's it. I'm not trying to justify myself, I'm trying to make clean music “, He said.

Solking criticized after controversial comments

The interviewer comes back and asks if the music, “ Use wisely “, maybe “ Positively impact the world “It is clear that Soolking has never ceased to amaze. His response is just like the moon.” clearly. There are people who tell me that they were able to find the strength to overcome cancer by listening to my music “, confirming that he received” Many, many messages ” from this type.

Solking's release did not go unnoticed on social media. ” Classy Solking “or” Islamic 2.0 », Algerian director Sofia Jamaa reacted.

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Music is forbidden, but at the same time it consumes the money of those who listen to it, and listening to it can cure them of cancer “, she wrote on Facebook.

Solking, whose real name is Abdel Raouf Darraji, was born in Baynem (Algiers) in 1989. He has lived in France since 2014, where he succeeded in giving an international dimension to his career. He is one of the most listened to French singers in the world in 2023.

His popularity in Algeria is such that a stampede during a party he hosted in Algiers in 2019 killed 5 people and injured more than 100.

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