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Public sector strike: For FIQ, it’s all or nothing

Public sector strike: For FIQ, it’s all or nothing

The Professional Federation of Health of Quebec (FIQ) does not intend to respond to the government with a new counteroffer, its president, Julie Bouchard, announced Wednesday on QUB radio.

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This was announced by FIQ President, Julie Bouchard, through the microphone of Alexandre Dube, on QUB Radio.

However, Treasury Board President Sonia Leibel was clear: following her latest offer, made almost a week ago, the government will not act until it receives a new proposal from the public sector.

“The offers made to us are not acceptable. We made our counter-offer on October 6,” Ms. Bouchard said into Alexandre Dube’s microphone.

FIQ President Julie Bouchard explains herself over Alexandre Dube’s microphone QUB Radio :

Therefore, it appears that the negotiations have reached a dead end. The fact remains that at the heart of this entire debate, there are patients. And the QUB Radio host did not fail to point this out.

“There will be a slight slowdown,” the FIQ president stressed. “There may be more to wait.”

Meanwhile, FIQ refuses to take patients hostage.

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