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More Harvey’s and Martin Group’s restaurants in the Quebec region

More Harvey’s and Martin Group’s restaurants in the Quebec region

Following the Saint-Hubert roaster, the Martin Group wants to develop the Harvey brand in the Quebec region, with plans to open six factories in the next five years.

This project is led by 3H The Martin family generation includes six young professionals between the ages of 28 and 31. The group has just acquired two Harvey’s restaurants in Quebec, one on L’Ormière Boulevard and the other on Clemenceau Street in Beauport. The restaurant Sainte-Anne-de-Beauupré already belongs to the company.

The grilled burger specialist had as many as 13 branches in the area in the 1990s. The Martin Group wants to revive the fast food chain’s glory days.

The Martin Group aims to open at least six new institutions over the next five years. In this photo, the interior of the branch on Avenue Clemenceau, in Beauport.

Photography by Diane Tremblay

Given that St-Hubert and Harvey roasters are part of the Recettes Illimitées (formerly Cara) family, the opportunity to join forces on this project arose naturally.

“We love the product and see the growth potential of the Harvey’s brand. It’s a brand that may have become less well-known in recent years, but we want to work on spreading it,” said Gabrielle Martin, Human Resources Director.

According to William Martin, Director of Operations, Harvey’s offers a unique product with burgers cooked on the grill and served to the customer’s taste.

I fell into the potion

The restaurant on Boulevard L’Ormière will be renovated to bring it up to date. As for Beauport, some improvements will also be made.

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I have to say that the third generation members of this family of Quebec restaurateurs fell into the magic potion when they were young.

“We were born into it. We started working in St-Hubert restaurants when we were 14 years old. Seeing our parents so passionate about catering gave us the desire to go there too. Everyone has studied in different fields,” continued Gabrielle, who is William’s cousin. “So when we work together, we will find our strengths as a team.”

“The six members of 3H Jill, we realized how lucky we were to work together. We get along well, it’s fun every day. “We have a lot of challenges that interest us, but we don’t feel pressured, because we know we have each other’s backs,” William said.

The opening of the new Harvey’s will be determined as location opportunities arise.

“There are already certain sectors that we are looking at that are very interesting for Harvey’s. We are on the lookout. As soon as there is a possibility, we look at it.”

The Martin family now owns 11 Saint-Hubert Rotisserie and three Harvey’s restaurants that employ approximately 1,200 people in the greater Quebec City area.

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