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PS5 players will soon be able to help each other finish their games

PS5 players will soon be able to help each other finish their games

Sony has just announced a very practical new feature for PS5 players: access to in-game help provided by other players. Enough to enhance the accessibility of his console.

Source: Sony

One of the strong offerings of the PlayStation 5 upon its release was its brand new interface which offered extremely valuable in-game aids to help players who were having difficulties.

Always in order to reach more players on his console, Sony just announced This feature can maintain the community aspect, with solutions provided by players to players.

Help other players on PS5

Until now, it was possible to view tips and solutions directly from the game interface of your PS5. They are provided by the developers themselves for some games and can help players without having to do a Google search.

From now on, these in-game aids can be provided by players themselves and are available to everyone: “In compatible games, PS5 players will be able to suggest their playstyle, consult other players' tips, or access developer tipssays Sabrina Meditz, product manager responsible for platform experience at Sony PlayStation.

Players won't have to do anything, just complete the level so that the sequence will then be published on Sony's servers:

Community Game Help will complement the game as we currently know it by enriching the library of helpful tips with videos automatically generated from gameplay videos of players who have chosen to contribute.

To access them, simply press the PS button on the DualSense controller and navigate to the action cards containing the Clues icon. After viewing the content, players will then be able to rate its usefulness to allow the best solutions to be highlighted through the in-game help system.

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Please note that these videos will be shared anonymously by Sony with other players and will be automatically deleted from your console once published. If you do not wish to submit your game screenshots to the community assistance system, it is of course possible to opt out of the program, or limit the number of screenshots to submit per month to Sony.

The functionality here is similar to the Steam Community Hub and its Guides section, but easier to use and above all, integrated directly into the game. Community Games Assist will be available for the first time later this year within a limited list of games with the aim of “Make it available to as many games as possible as soon as possible“.