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Quality fishing and many adventures are in store for Lac Blanc

Quality fishing and many adventures are in store for Lac Blanc

Saint-Alexis-de-Monts | To be able, during the same stay, to experience fishing, clay pigeon shooting, hiking, canoeing, boating and taste excellent meals in a wonderful dining room and wonderful restaurants, without forgetting to enjoy an accommodation of unparalleled quality, It is possible in the Lac Blanc clothing store, located in Saint-Alexis-de-Mont.

“I believe we are able to meet the expectations of all the people who come to us, whether in terms of fishing, outdoors, interpretation activities and much more,” explains Operations Manager, Daniel Grenier. Our range of services is diverse and professional, ensuring a stay that meets the expectations of people who trust us. »

In fact, for accommodation for example, you can choose between the Outfitters' Lodge, which has 20 rooms, or one of the 12 very comfortable chalets, which can accommodate up to 10 people. They are fully equipped to allow you to experience a European stay. In addition to kitchen and bathroom equipment, one for each bedroom, and all cooking utensils, full bedding is included.

You can also eat your meals in the lodge's dining room. There are also secluded chalets, including a rustic chalet at Lac Vacances, powered by solar energy, ideal for four people who want a more intimate stay.

the hunt

Fishing enthusiasts have many options available to them when they visit this store.

First, in many lakes we find specimens of trout ranging from 10 to 14 inches in length. It is a nice sized fish, which will allow you to enjoy.

“In order to give people who want to experience the joy of trophy fishing, we have created two lakes where fishermen will be able to catch specimens of trout and rainbow trout that are out of the ordinary,” says Georges Pellerin, project manager. The owner's son.

“I was lucky to be able to catch similar fish in the Far North. Since many fishing enthusiasts will not be able to go there for various reasons, we decided to bring this fish to our home. »

Thus, for an additional fee, which you have to pay to access these lakes, you will be able to catch trout weighing three to four pounds and rainbow trout weighing up to seven pounds in some cases.

Also, starting May 17, you will be able to fish for northern pike at Lac Blanc Lake. Starting June 14, you can fish for bass. Either way, it's catch and release.

All services for gutting and preparing your catch for repatriation are among the possibilities available to you.

Rene Baillargeon had reason to be proud of this amazing trout catch.

Photo by Julian Cabana

Activities and food

During your stay, since fishing often happens very quickly, you have the opportunity to take advantage of outfitters' offers. You have quad biking, clay pigeon shooting and, for the first time, it is possible to go horse riding. There are also hiking trails.

On the large lake, you can enjoy the beach, go canoeing, boating, canoeing, or even hike on a pontoon deck. The clothing store also offers you a complete wellness center, with an indoor swimming pool and more, just to allow you to relax after a busy day.

We cannot ignore the quality of meals served in the clothing store's dining room and on the majestic terrace with a stunning view of the lake. The quality of the dishes on the menu, from the simple club sandwich to the filet mignon with prawns, is on par with restaurants in larger centres. Charles Pellerin, the venue's head of culinary art, has thought of everything while adding a designer touch. It becomes a culinary experience that you will remember.

To find out all about costs and availability, you can call the folks at the clothing store at 819 265-4242. You can also visit the website You will be able to get an idea of ​​what awaits you. There are also electric vehicle charging stations on site.

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Truly, a stay at this store is a must-have experience.

30th anniversary season

To succeed in bringing a clothing manufacturer into the world and establishing it among the best, as is the case with the Lac Blanc store, you had to have courage, a taste for adventure and a certain dose of madness. This is exactly the image of the man who succeeded in doing so, Gaston Bellerin.

Despite his advanced age, Gaston Pellerin, owner of the clothing store, still likes to take the pulse of his customers.

Photo by Julian Cabana

What was initially a small adventure to create a clothing store is today a unique location, with a lot to offer to lovers of nature, hunting, fishing, the outdoors and snowmobiles. An outfitter works 12 months a year.

Gaston was born in Saint-Ile-de-Caxton, and came from a family of forest workers.

“My grandfather was a forester, my father was, and so was I, until 1993, when the pulp and paper world was in decline. The property where the clothing maker is located, in Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, was family-owned and included more than 6,000 acres of land With dozens of lakes and that's when I decided to start a small store.

When I first appeared on this site, there weren't a lot of facilities.

“At that time, we were at the beginning of the adventure. It was first necessary to build a forest road to reach the main lake, Lac Blanc. We later built a few chalets and a very small lodge. Then, over the years, we continued to build and develop, until we reached To what we have today.

Majestic location

Today, the store can accommodate approximately 200 people a day.

“In total, we have 15 chalets, or 12 large chalets that can accommodate 10 people, la camboz, the rustic chalet and the family chalet, not forgetting the lodge with 22 rooms,” says Gaston.

For this build, the current outfitter represents a demanding adventure.

“You had to be a dreamer and not be too afraid, because in the end it was an adventure. We didn't really know what was in store for us.”

He's also chosen to go a step further by offering more than just fishing activities in the clothing store.

“We have been able to develop a system that makes fishing easy for us. It was therefore necessary to develop an additional offer to furnish people's accommodation. This is how we developed quad bike tours, helicopter tours, interpretation with a native in a specially designed location, and more. And in In the end everyone benefits.

“We also have an aquatic center for people who want a very special experience. The latter offers a stunning view of Lake Blanc. There are also water activities. My goal was to offer a complete stay where everyone will find what they are looking for during their stay outdoors. The last item on the list to please people It is the installation of charging stations for electric cars.

Secure future

This builder has succeeded in creating a reputation that transcends borders. During our stay, there was a bus full of Europeans.

During the winter, there are four trails leading to Lac Blanc. Snowmobilers can rely on various services, such as accommodation, food and gasoline.

The future is assured for Gaston, who sees Bellerin's lineage continuing.

“I have two sons, George and Charles, who are in this business. They are enthusiastic. I also have two grandchildren and I hope they want to continue as well.”

If you're staying in Lac Blanc, take the time to say hello to Gaston.