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Premiere this Thursday of the series “Martin Matte Live”: Martin Matte is keen to “dive in”

Premiere this Thursday of the series “Martin Matte Live”: Martin Matte is keen to “dive in”

Martin Mattei started to show some nerves at the start of the week. This is completely normal in his condition, you’ll say, even while he’s healthy, at the dawn of the premiere of his new talk show, Martin Matty Livethis Thursday, on TVA.

In fact, the 53-year-old comedian is more keen on diving than stressing. He has been prepared very well after training and rehearsing in recent months, and he finally wants to break the ice.

He is a perfectionist and draws on his 28 years of experience on stage and indoors Beautiful teasing To face this important challenge.

Pierre-Paul Poulin / Le Journal de Montreal / QMI Agency

“I’m in a good frame of mind, but sometimes I have little waves [de nervosité] This happens to me. That’s new. I can’t wait, but there is a limit, and at some point, you have to go! » He told QMI on Monday.

He was used to working practically alone – he had only worked with François Avard since 1995 – and this time he had to share the responsibilities.

“It is more than just a theatrical performance Beautiful teasing “, initiate.

He jokes that “expectations are not high enough” for his new appointment. “Seriously, we’ve worked so hard that we’re glad this is an expectation.”

The “condemned to excellence” person trains on Wednesdays and Thursdays with his team at Espace Saint-Denis, in Montreal, where the talk show will be broadcast every week. For the first time, at 8pm Thursday, Martin Matty will host Patrick Howard. Catherine Levack will be his collaborator. Singer-songwriter Dumas and his musicians will also be on hand to set the mood.

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François Avard and four other writers

To support him on his talk show, Martin Mattei increased the number of people in his immediate entourage tenfold.

Simone Delisle, Julien Corriveau, Etienne Marcoux and Justin Fili are therefore backed by Martin Mattei and his long-time partner François Avard – the latter of whom speaks of a ‘dream team’ – to meet expectations.

François Avard

Joel Lemay/QMI Agency

“It reassures us to be well surrounded, because it is an hour of comedy material, every week, live, for 10 weeks in a row,” said François Avard, who expects to get little sleep this week.

“Martin has been successful on stage and in comedy fiction. I think he was there to embark on this new challenge,” Mr. Avard said, recalling that the talk show is a combination of everything Martin Matte has done so far, particularly stand-up comedy and funny detective fiction. Titled. Last linkwith director Robin Aubert bringing out Martin Mattei as the boat captain, as well as Martin Drainville, Roy Dupuy, Alexis Martin, Isabelle Richer, and Genevieve Schmidt, to name a few.

DrAn excellent guest for an excellent host

“We want it to be as funny as it is interesting because Martin offers another perspective as an interviewer. He’s not there to talk about things or make his guests cry, he’s there to discover other sides of them. He’s able to ask awkward and funny questions. I find that throughout Breaking in, testing and riding, it just got better over and over again. Just as he is a good guest, he makes a great host.”

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François Avard, who signs the comedy plots happiness Daniel Gagnon explained that filming for the third season is going well, with the hope that the new episodes will be shown next January on TVA. “It will also be ‘Entry’! We are still in close contact and our first episode is a debate with the Minister of Education. There will also be the issue of inflation in the new episodes produced by Fabien Laroche and Michel Trudeau from Aetios, in collaboration with Quebcor Content.”