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(Re) discovered Jason Statham in five films

(Re) discovered Jason Statham in five films

There was nothing that Jason Statham set to become a movie star whose films have raised no less than $ 1.5 billion USD at the box office. This is because the Brit on the Angry Man movie poster (in theaters on May 7th), began his career as a swimmer – he competed in the 1990 Commonwealth Games – before being noticed by a modeling agency!

“Adulteration, Combination, and Botany” (1998)

Jay Ritchie’s first film and commercial success, “Deception, Collection, and Plants” features Jason Statham’s first movie appearance in theaters. The swimmer and model of the French Connection franchise has been introduced to the aspiring director who is looking for actors for his first work. Because Jason Statham sold contraband merchandise to make ends meet, the director hired him (and paid him just under $ 7,000). The audience appreciated him, and two years later, Richie took him again for his movie “Snatch – Tu robques ou tu raques”. Jason Statham’s career has just begun.

“The Transporter” (2002)

So it is no coincidence that the directors Cory Yuen and Louis Letterier chose the actor as the hero of what would become a franchise. In Frank Martin, the driver who delivers anything at all, Jason Statham is more than just a persuasive. This action movie “The Tank” is satisfied (grossing $ 43.9 million at international ticket offices) and many critics argue that the comedian, a follower of martial arts, is less weighty than Vin Diesel, who works in the same movie theater.

“Crinqué” (2006)

Continuing his momentum after plunging into video games lending his voice to “Red Faction II” (2002) and “Call of Duty” (2003), Jason Statham set out to conquer Hollywood. The opportunity was given to him by Mark Neveldin and Brian Taylor who both signed their first feature film here. The movie’s concept is surprising enough to spark curiosity, the actor plays Chev Chelios, a hitman who must constantly maintain a high level of adrenaline in order to survive. Jason Statham touts the song Crinqué at the San Diego Comic-Con – evidence of his appeal – and the promotional clips emphasize the realism of the stunts, which are performed without restrictions or special effects.

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“Fast and Dangerous 6” (2013)

Jason Statham spent the following years consolidating his stellar status. Recruited by Sylvester Stallone for his film “Sacrified” (2010 and 2012), he became “the mechanic” by Simon West (2011), and even cast his voice on the cartoon “Gnomeo and Juliet” (2011). So that’s the dedication when Vin Diesel offers him a recurring role in his “Fast and Dangerous” franchise. If the role of Deckard Shaw is first and foremost a minor appearance, Jason Statham’s character is gaining increasing importance to the point of being part of the derivative of “Hobbs and Shaw” (2019) in which he shares the poster with Dwayne Johnson.

‘Spy’ (2015)

Another sign of dedication, is his participation in a comic. Directed by Paul Feige, who has seen progress since Bridesmaids (2011), and starring Melissa McCarty, Spy presents Jason Statham in a much nicer picture. The actor does not take himself too seriously, charming fans and critics alike so much that the feature fetched US $ 235.7 million at the global box office. Today, on the eve of the release of “An Angry Man,” he is filming “Five Eyes” by Guy Ritchie!