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“Get me out of here!”: Audrey Roger learned to trust herself in Panama

“Get me out of here!”: Audrey Roger learned to trust herself in Panama

Actress Audrey Roger has returned from the Panamanian jungle with new confidence in her abilities.

Yes, the 25-year-old was eliminated in an episode Get me out of here! Broadcast on Sunday.

Audrey Roger talks with the woman who became her great friend in Panama, Rosalie Vaillancourt.

Screenshot / QMI Agency

“It has made me stronger in life, in the sense that I am no longer afraid of anything. I know I can face my fears,” she told QMI.

So she's no longer afraid of frogs and toads, her phobia, as seen in the 13 Star Hotel Challenge and in the final Elimination Challenge? She quickly answered this provocative question: “I wouldn't put myself in a situation where there was nothing, but I would be less afraid.”

Audrey was also able to rely on Dave Morissette, with whom she became very close.

Screenshot / QMI Agency

“Now I'm sure I can do anything I want, all I have to do is believe in myself. I had confidence before, but it seemed I didn't really know. Before, I was afraid of defeat, but now it seems I dare more.

The actress who starred in series such as Red bracelets And Innocence Project He made strong connections in the Panama jungle, starting with Dave Morissette and Rosalie Vaillancourt, his “lifelong friends.”

Photo courtesy of TVA

“He made everything so much easier. He made me want to fight to be with Dave and Rosalie.”

At first, she expects Rosalie to get on her royal nerves, but things quickly develop between them, to the point where they continue to text each other and see each other regularly.

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“I don't know what I based on it at first to say it would bother me. In the end it's the most beautiful discovery. I like her energy. We're both young at heart, and we like to have fun, laugh, create characters, and do stupid things. We're also able to have more serious moments.”

Regarding Dave, she says he is physically imposing, but she is seduced by his “great sensitivity.” “He wants the best for everyone, he's very compassionate and humane, he's a really wonderful guy,” said Audrey, who is also sending flowers to Claudine and Alex, who without them would not have been able to do the 13-star event. Hotel challenge.

Audrey Roger, here in the bathroom of the 13-star hotel, was terrified, and she's especially afraid of frogs.

Screenshot / QMI Agency

“He had to ask me out, otherwise I would have stayed there. It was lucky that I was with Alex, otherwise I don't know who I could have done this with. He was the leader of this challenge,” she added, also recalling the famous challenge where the candidates were tased With electricity.

Currently, Audrey Roger is filming the series Alertsa plot involving ballerinas that can be seen this fall on TVA.

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