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Sugar craving?  Effective advice from a nutritionist to avoid food cravings and stay fit

Sugar craving? Effective advice from a nutritionist to avoid food cravings and stay fit

To reduce sugar cravings, you can implement a whole bunch of little tips on a daily basis. Here is a nutritionist's advice, foolproof and highly effective.

We've all been victims of sugar cravings. Imagine the scenario: Late at night, you're watching TV and the cake box is very loud. Same scenario in the afternoon when the clock strikes 4pm. Whoever does not surrender should throw the first stone. Fortunately for us, there are now many tips to avoid cravings, like the anti-craving drink confirmed by Dr. Jimmy Muhammad. But nutritionist Elodie Colombel just shared her method for fighting sugar cravings and it's 100% frustration-free. The professional posted on Instagram a video clip explaining ten habits that must be followed to avoid malfunctions. On the list, one tip in particular caught our attention: get… Snack normal. In fact, having a snack in the middle of the day allows you not to deprive yourself, avoiding frustration and the desire to snack later. But be careful, here we are not talking about good chocolate or waffles with spread (yes, that hurts us too), but about a balanced snack. Fortunately for us, it is possible to combine healthy and delicious, and it's very simple: we choose fresh fruit or compote without added sugar, a handful of almonds or other oilseeds, and we finish it all with a square of dark color. chocolate. a result ? A real feeling of fullness that lasts until the evening meal, all without feeling let down. A method tested and approved by the author of these lines.

In her video, Elodie Colombel shares several other tips to combat food cravings. We find, for example, “exercise regularly,” “eat a good amount of protein,” “work on stress” (a real trigger for our sugar cravings), “enjoy every meal,” or “use Quality products” or even “play with the folders on your plate”. But that's not all: nutritionists advise not to limit yourself on a daily basis. The truth is that frustration is what causes the biggest breakdowns in the context of nutritional rebalancing. Therefore, many nutritionists recommend allowing yourself one or two wild meals a week.

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Finally, Elodie Colombel recommends not labeling foods as “good” or “bad.” Why ? Simply because it harms our relationship with food. In addition, completely forbidding the dish can cause an obsession that then leads to a breakdown. All foods have a place in our diet, as long as they are consumed in a healthy way and in reasonable quantities. So, feel free to use these little tips next time we have a sugar craving and prepare a balanced snack.